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Sometimes being right just plain sucks!

I can't be of much help but for what it's worth you probably did just fine. Petting and feeding their delusions (or brainwashed "belief") isn't right. Pretending a lie is the truth isn't healthy.
If it helps any let me point out that your not bleeding in a field knowing death is near like tens of thousands of our forefathers? It's not okay to sit around believing a lie. If you point out the truth amid lies...well good for all of you! I asked a crowd of O'Bomb'a supporters why they were holding signs up that said "bring our troops home"? Isn't it kind of foolish to plan on voting for a warmonger while holding a sign like that? "Christians" who voted for SANTORUM!!! Are they really that delusional? Can they not understand? Can they not envision 100,000 children with limbs blown off? CHRISTIAN??? ...then these same people move their support to Mitt? Can't they think for themselves? (I don't know if this helps you but I'm getting mad sitting here)
They choose to believe the lies told on the good doctor?
oops it's 12:33! Goodnite!