Comment: Now, that's the real question ain't it?

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Now, that's the real question ain't it?

Obviously, recent gun purchases have been way up.

But lately, the NRA's sidekick & industry lobby NSSF has been making acquiescent overtures to the Gungrabbers lately! With TRAITOROUS a-holes like these, who needs enemies?

Larry Pratt's GOA, NAGR, and Alan Gottlieb's 2nd Amend.Foundation are few of the most uncompromising Pro-gun organizations. NRA & NSSF are a bunch of RINO pussies.

And a lot of personnel shifts have been made going in and out of the not so pro-gun NYC paper shuffling junkies at Cerberus Capital-owned Freedom Group related companies.

As anyone watching the gun market would be familiar, at least for me, one's first distinct macro economic indicators is the price of bulk 1000rd ammo pack/box/pallet in 9mm, .45ACP, .40S&W manufactured and shipped by both American and Ruskie/Fmr.CommBloc mfr. alike.

But for me though, the most indicative signifiers are the price of rifle/carbine bulk 1000 rounds ammo packs/box/pallets in both 7.62x39mm & 5.45x39mm for the AK, and the 55gr. Lake City (what US Military use) & Sellier & Bellot (Czech, now owned by Brazilians) in 5.56NATO for AR, as baseline markers.

Ammo price indicates, aside from the obvious supply/demand, import export costs (administrative/tariffs/taxes/fees) fluctuation in commodity price (lead, copper, tungsten, steel, zinc, polymer coating, etc.), then shipping (fuel, ocean & air).

So IMO, your sure sign that the S has really HTF? It's when 5.45mm Ruskie Tula/Wolf/Bear ammo 1000pack (now $150~$215) go above $300. And once any 5.56x45mm 1000rd bulk pack go above $500~550 (currently depending on US vs.Ruskie/CommBloc, brass vs.steel, sale or not, 55gr. vs.heavier, it ranges somewhere between $240~450).

By the time those price markers are surpassed, it would be almost beyond the point of no return. By then, currency collapse and hyperinflation would be on. Period.

So is it nefarious and intentional to constrict non-policestate apparatus, citizenry's supplies?

Or is it organic, where the 100th Monkey Syndrome has begun, and people are simply waking up at faster rates and are massively buying up guns, ammo, parts & supplies, and the manufacturers simply can't keep up.

I'm not sure. Though I would posit, probably a bit of both. But truly, only time will tell. So who knows?

Stay tuned...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul