Comment: Harvest time for delegates

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Harvest time for delegates

We got a ton of delegates to take the plunge and get involved. Now all these patriots are faced with the reality that getting to Tampa is going to cost a lot more than they have. We will start to see people coming forward in need of financial assistance. I worry that in order for them to get the help they need, they will have to identify themselves publicly at the DP to prove they aren't just taking advantage of a money-grab. Is it possible that something could be set up whereby they could provide Mr Nystrom or a trusted RP go-between the necessary information via a secure channel that would enable the DP to mention the 'verified delegate' without using a name or other identifying information? I would hate to see any delegates harassed between now and the convention because they were forced to reveal themselves in order to get support. Id love to see a thread where 'verified delegates' can get anonymous financial support. I would also suggest that mods delete any well-meaning threads where a RP delegate has mentioned his/her real name and location. Just some thoughts : )