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Comment: The difference is "Private" stock versus "Public" stockholders

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The difference is "Private" stock versus "Public" stockholders

Entirely different Federal statutes or laws apply to each. You are incorrect in your assessnent of the typical private ownership relationship in which said owner has absolutely no control over FED "Private" stock. Owners of said stock (i.e. N.M Rothschild, Several of the Rockefeller Clan, The Davidsons, Schiffs, J.P. Morgan, etc. can indeed will or pass on to other familiy memers after death, as well as the establishment of a "Trust" post death. However, as was and continues to be common amongst the super wealthy, A "Pure" Trust was or is established which does not imply ownership of said "Private" stockholder, however, complete and utter control of the Federal Reserve Stock is established and will continue for futute generations. All of the benefits of ownership without "actual" ownership. A common practice amongst the super wealthy. evidentalyy, there are only a handful of Law Firms Globally which are even capable of creating a proper, lawful "Pure" Trust. A clause within the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 states a sale per the dissolution or abolishment of the FED ( a possile future scenario), would entitle a payment amount per our Federal Gov. via the United States Treasury to the "owners" of this "Private" Bank. the amount of 1913 dollars of $450 Million. Considering the dollar has lost about 97-98% of its purchasing power since 1913 (the advent of the FED), I have no idea what $450 million dollars would equate to in 2012 dollars purchasing power.