Comment: Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining...

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Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining...

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining...

Are you for real? Your thread must be some kind of joke. have you truly ever researched the Federal Reserve System? Read G. Edward Griffin's book: "Creature From Jekkyl Island". Or perhaps view one of several of his You Tube videos on the subject which exist. I am shocked you would make such a comment on the Daily Paul. The claims made by the previous individual are spot on. Why you have a vendetta against "Greenbackers" is beyond my comprehension. This term originated during the Lincoln era.Sable Arms

You will notice your words, it appears they apply to your thread more than to my comments: ARE YOU FOR REAL? YOUR THREAD MUST BE SOME KIND OF compare what you wrote there with your current post, does there appear to be a logical correlation between the two?

That is obviously not only my assessment, but also the assessment of the very person you said I should read to support your own claims: G. Edward Griffin. The man that you yourself used to make a case against my comments, yet now you abandon that for yet another positional claim that dismisses Griffins research. You lambasted me and made the claim that I must not have read The Creature From Jekyll Island, that I must not be aware of all the videos on the subject, yet here you are now asserting the very opposite in hopes that your claims may be validated in a different way, you simply cannot use the type of distorted logic to continue to make a claim then contradict that claim when it no longer supports your position. It was you who made the claim that Mr. Griffin, in his book supported the idea that the FED was a privately owned banking system, but that is not the case is it?

You are simply making claims, claims that appear to be based more on assumptions and popularized myths than actual evidence. Where is your proof that such claims are actually valid and not simply a belief you have formed based on such popular opinions. You don’t make your case at all, instead you rely upon mythology to support your position. I’m sorry that does not cut the mustard.

The solution for you should be simple, show me the documentation you have to support your claim that the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Davisons, Schiffs, the Morgans, etc, are indeed owners of some private, secret stock in the FED. You should be able to show, without much trouble I would assume, that such all this is true.

Now, if you are referring to this in the USC, then the Stockholders, which are all Nationally Chartered Banks and some State Banks, all forced by law to be stockholders in the FED, then this is exactly what the code states if the FED becomes insolvent or is dissolved by Congress:

12 USC § 290 - USE OF EARNINGS TRANSFERRED TO THE TREASURY: Should a Federal reserve bank be dissolved or go into liquidation, any surplus remaining, after the payment of all debts, dividend requirements as hereinbefore provided, and the par value of the stock, shall be paid to and become the property of the United States and shall be similarly applied.

Thus far you again fail to make a case for your position, you instead rely upon that which has been popularized by the myth-makers that prey on the minds of men who simply would rather accept a particular version of history rather than research it themselves and rely upon actual documentation for such verification.

You apparently are not aware of the manner in which stock is held in the FED, all governed by very specific laws, laws that have not changed since, although a few have been amended, since the passage of the FED Act of 1913. There is no private stock in the FED, I can give you exact federal codes if you like. Additionally, there are no record, no documentation whatsoever, upon which you can make a claim to the contrary. In an actual private corporation there is proportional ownership, with that type of ownership the larger the proportion the greater voice within the corporation, that is not the way the FED stock is structured. There is no proportional ownership within the FED, there is no ability of any member to make changes to the FED, to direct the decisions of the FED, to change the expressed policies of the FED.

There is NO PRIVATE STOCK in the FED, it is delineated stock where the holders of that stock are, by law, forced to be members and therefore stockholders of the FED, where they receive, by law, a fixed dividend and nothing more. There is absolutely no documentation where you can provide proof of your claim, again, it is mythology and you believe that mythology despite evidence to the contrary, do you know what that is called?

You make the claim that these families own Private Stock, in trust and yet you cannot provide proof because you have no proof, you have nothing but a claim, that’s all. You have certain popularized stories, popularized assertions that tend to sell books, make videos popular and that’s really all you have isn’t it?

Even you assertion of a Pure Trust, does nothing, absolutely nothing to support the claim you are making therefore, why should you make such a claim except to express a matter of your faith in such claims despite the absence of evidence?

Of course, it is definitely to your advantage to be able to make the claim that such Private Stocks are secret, such ownership sails beneath the surface of that which is knowable, that tends to serve the purpose of a great many of the mythmakers, the claim to either occult knowledge or some hidden agenda that is beyond the realm of actual verifiable evidence…but that doesn’t quite hold water does it? At least in my world of reality it doesn’t and in fact I would say that a great many people, especially here on the DP have come to the came conclusions as I have…we want truth, not myths, not popular stories that titillate the imagination but do little else to actually help fight the Battle for Liberty and Freedom.

By the way, in today’s dollars that $450M would be approximately $10.5B, not a very substantial amount in the banking world…by all means close the FED and pay the bastards in pieces of essentially worthless FRNs....sounds like a good deal to me!

You present feeble arguments, feckless and flaccid!

So, again don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining...such subterfuge is not to anyone's advantage except those, like yourself, who have no definitive argument which they can adequately defend with substantial proofs.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun