Comment: Rules are Made to be Broken

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Rules are Made to be Broken

You know, you can argue this one till the cows come home, as they say.

A group of people like the RNC, can make and break their own rules as they choose, if enough people in said party will go along with it and whatever tactics they see fit to use to accomplish such a goal. They may wait till the convention and then try to rewrite the rules on the spot, if they can get away with it, and toss out any Ron Paul delegate into the street, using the $50 million worth of legal mafia muscle in their employ to enforce it. At this point, is anyone still surprised at what lengths they will go to to have their day, their way?

But there is a growing presence of Ron Paul republicans within their party, poopin' all over it! And they're not going away without a fight. And those numbers of RP people, can and have been rewriting the history of the party daily and will continue to do so. At some point, they will rewrite the rules of the GOP party and overwhelm it like a tsunami force. Now the old guard can put up a fight. They can call in the national committee and even try to lean on political powers and the justice dept. for rulings that favor them being corrupt as hell and kicking out every single Paul supporter from out their midst.

But one thing they cannot do is stop this movement from being successful in changing politics in America, either with or without the GOP or any other damn party, tea party not excepted. I rest my case.