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Great Friend

Hey - what great friends you two must be. Let me read back what you wrote to illustrate my point:

"I have a friend who is mormon, but you do not invite a cultist to speak to christians."

So you're good buddy is a cultist in your eyes ?

Is the irony of a christian making this statement smacking anyone else in the face??

Christianity is a tool to control the masses - why is there a christmas tree? Why did jesus live as a meager traveler while the current "leader" lives in a Golden City?

Holy shit.
Where's George Carlin when you need him.

I believe in God - but damn, I found my own route without contradictions. And I believe Jesus was a Master too -- but there have been many masters througout history.

One day the Vatican will be a museum, instead of a secretive golden city.
That will be a great day.
Hopefully I'll get to see it.