Comment: Looks like we got a good

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Looks like we got a good

Looks like we got a good number so far.
Adding to the list below:
CD1: 2/3
CD2: 2/3? (Could be 3/3)
CD3: 3/3
CD4: 2/3
CD7: 0/3
CD8: 1/3
Thats so far 10-11 out of 18 which is over half. We are definitely giving Romney a run for his money. If we keep at it and keep getting at least this perentage everywhere else, I wouldnt think its out of the question that Paul will win without much problem; heck, with these sorts of numbers out of all the states, he even could win on the first ballot.(which by the way, Romney would never recover from and would be a national embarrasment for him)
I would love to know exact numbers so far for all the states, but I know no one wants those floating around all in one place.

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