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As I have said, I have spent

As I have said, I too have spent several decades, all the way back into the late 60s, on the subject, read just about every single thing there is to read on the subject. Seen lists upon supposed lists declaring, without doubt, that this lists is the real list, the actual lists of private bank owners. The fact is that all of the stockholders of the Federal Reserve are openly listed, you can get it from the SEC, it is open to the public.

As Mr. Griffin clearly explains, the Federal Reserve IS NOT A PRIVATE CORPORATION! I am not sure just how much clearer he can be or I can be on that. It has, due to its legal structure, private elements within that structure, but it is not a private bank, it is not a private corporation, what it is, as G. Edward Griffin explains, is a government creation that operates a government monopoly or, as you put it, a cartel that benefits primarily the government and under government patronages, the banking system. The entire system, as Mr. Griffin puts it, amounts to a cartel, that does not mean that it is a privately held or privately controlled operation, it is far worse than that because it is empowered with the legal protection of this government, something that you will not find with other corporations that are actually privately owned and controlled. Now, like Mr. Griffin, I do believe that there are extremely powerful political and banking interests involved with heavily influencing decision making at the FED, but the primary decisions are based on the political necessities of this illegitimate government. In fact, if you read Murray Rothbards The Origin of the Federal Reserve, he spells out just what took place during the late 1800s and early 1900s to bring about the formation of the Federal Reserve. There were most definitely malicious intent on the part of some of the major banking families and industrialists of the period, those families exerted enormous influence upon the politicians of the day, in fact the relationship between the two was nothing less than an evil and treasonous attempt to contravene the established Law of this Land, the Constitution and in doing so, that vile relationship forced upon the American People a state of tyranny that has yet to be either fully understood or, in most quaters, even recognized for what it really is and how it functions.

I have, as I stated, seen literally scores of so-called “lists of owners” each list complied each contain a different set of owners, I pointed that out in one of my comments above, in fact I have seen what was purported to be THE LIST, but there were so many obvious contradictions with dates and details that it was obviously bunk, as are ever single “list of owners” that I have seen in all my years of researching this subject. There is NO ONE to date that has been able to produce such a list and actually validate that list as owners of the Federal Reserve. Such lists, the so-called lists of secret private owners, some type of secret stock that allows them to secretly control the Federal Reserve is a fools folly and it is a major distraction in some quarters. Therefore, if there is no such validation and, in fact, if the many lists that I’ve seen contain so many obvious mistakes, obvious contradictions, omissions and additions that make no sense, why should anyone put any credence in them? Is it simply a matter of the convenience of belief that one does so, I think that is the absolute wrong thing to do and, in fact, creates the type of subterfuge that creates a massive amount of confusion in the hearts and minds of people, distracting them from a goal and target because they have been duped into believing something that simply does not exist.

My position is that the Federal Reserve Bank is a system that was created by government, for the benefit of government and for the government’s patronage system, forming as it was, a cartelization of the entire banking system in this country. It made it possible for the transformation of this country from what remained of the last remnants of a Republic into a consolidated, centralized and planned economy, one definition of which could be Mercantilist or Fascist or Corporatist. The system is the basis for all expansion of government power beyond the bounds that limited it through the Constitutional Republic, it allowed for the unrestrained extension of power and authority. My position is that until we realize just what we are fighting, we will continue to be distracted and unfocused, spending literally thousands of hours looking for something that is not there...also, I feel that as a government creation it can be destroyed through the exertion of great pressure on the government and it must be destroyed if we are to ever see the Restoration of the Republic.

So, you say “I CAN REST ASSURED THAT YOU DID SEE OWNERSHIP FILES ON A WEBSITE”, well, that is most definitely reassuring isn’t it? It is also meaningless in terms of valid, verifiable research documentation. It’s like saying I saw Big Foot and that’s about what it amounts to honestly. Again, I know those claims have been made through the years by numerous authors, so what, there are numerous authors that say things, does that make them true? I have to stand on what the evidence tell me, what the character of the Federal Reserve in regards to this government points to, and it points to a government created monopoly power, a cartelization of the banking, the entire banking industry under the centralized control of the Federal Reserve. That is the part of the system that G. Edward Griffin speaks about when he said the system “amounts to what is a cartel”, it is not the Federal Reserve along that is the cartel, it is the entire system of the Central Bank and the banking industry as it falls under the umbrella of the Federal Reserve System.

Again, why would a researcher such G. Edward Griffin write this in his book if he did not believe it to be true:

"The federal government does not own any stock in the System. In that sense, the Fed is privately owned. That, however, is misleading in that it implies a typical private-ownership relationship in which the stockholders own and control. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this case, the stock carries no proprietary interest, cannot be sold or pledged as collateral, and does not carry ordinary voting rights. Each bank is entitled to but one vote regardless of the amount of stock it holds. In reality, the stock is not evidence of “ownership” but simply certificates showing how much operating capital each bank has put into the System." G. Edward Griffin

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun