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Everything you said

is totally correct. The delegates bound to Gingrich and Santorum are still bound to them however because neither has released their delegates, and they probably won't do so until the convention. We DID however win in Oklahoma, because these delegates will NOT vote for Romney. When the convention boils down to a 1v1, any delegate not voting for Romney is basically a vote for Paul.

All this BS about Rule 38 is from people only reading part of the rules. States bind their delegates to move up the GOP primary calendar and the RNC HAS threatened to not seat delegates that are unbound after the primaries are held. This is why the delegates were not bound in many earlier states. This doesn't prevent us from abstaining at the convention, preventing Romney from reaching the 1144 is our largest goal. As soon as that 2nd and 3rd round delegates are allowed to switch over, we win. It's important we have the alternates to the convention so they can't just replace the delegates who abstain.

Be real guys, the RNC knows what we're doing and will try everything to stop us. We have to work within the rules THEY set and to be honest, we're doing a good job of it.