Comment: We've come a long way baby:

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We've come a long way baby:

I have been around the DP for a while now and remember very well from my beginnings here.
It seems I have spent most of the past four years here reading every post, every link, every comment on every thread. I was totally obsessed. Eh, what am I talking about, I still am.
But I can see how far this movement has come in what seems a very short time in the scheme of things. I am so proud and so grateful for all that are taking their precious time,resources, and lives to fight so hard for what is rightfully ours.
I thank you with all my heart for myself and my children. I can't do allot, but I have done some and even if it's small, I know that I too have made a small difference. It's a good feeling to see how far it has come.
Your friend in liberty, Wayne

I love my country
I am appalled by my government