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update from CD3

Of course we swept it -- we EARNED it! Chris Stearns (RP State Director in VA) organized and got out the vote. Recall that CD3 was the only district in VA that won it for the Good DR.

The establishment was totally outnumbered (shock and awe most probably describes it!) and the existing chairman withdrew before the event convened because he knew he could not win. In a last ditch effort to show his a** he made every individual delegate repeat the pledge of loyalty to ALL republican nominees from now until eternity! It was entirely ludicrous and fortunately people began to call him out on it. Eventually one of his own staffers pointed out to him that he was being an a** and he conceded to having entire delegations affirm the pledge. Sadly for him, he left in disgrace.

CD3 and surrounding districts worked hard for the win and they deserve credit! Kudos to ALL Virginia Liberty LOVERS!!!

PS - I forgot to say congrats to Chris Stearns -- NEW CD3 Chairman!

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