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It's not

It's not about what actually IS racist or not. It's about what sounds racist. Much of the mainstream gets really nervous when race is brought up, so when it's not necessary, leave it out.

Our culture is so racism-paranoid that whenever we hear colors, we get ourselves in a knot. For example, I live in a very white town with my black wife and it's hilarious how people will try to describe her, tip-toeing around the obvious. Trying to point her out in crowd I'll hear "She the short lady with the glasses a blue shirt with grey shoes" when all they really need to say is, "She's the only black girl in the room!" They just don't want to say it

Race discussions make people nervous and really should just be avoided in campaigning. It doesn't help us.

If the mainstream is our targeted audience, we need to speak in way that doesn't scare them away.