Comment: Rand is not pandering.

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Rand is not pandering.

Rand is a Christian and is speaking according to his beliefs. Rand does not believe that there is such a thing as moral neutrality. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, therefore there is no such thing as gay marriage, that the idea is laughable, so he makes fun of the concept, as well he should. A man marrying a man is as silly as a man marrying a toaster.

Laws always spring from the prevailing religion of a people. That's just how the world works. Culture is religion externalized, as has been said. The reason Muslim countries legally countenance polygamy is because that is what their religion teaches. The reason the laws of western civilization do not allow polygamy is because of their long-standing religious beliefs.

The West has been Christian for 1,500 years, but before that our ancestors legally practiced polygamy, infanticide, abortion, and slavery. Right now, Western Christianity is in a period of declension, which is why sodomy and abortion have come roaring back.

In the Christian West slavery was abolished around A.D. 1,000. When the Church slid into decline, slavery came back and was not abolished again until various times in the 1800's.

So, yes, if the prevailing morals of a culture do not allow for sodomy, laws against it will come about because that is how we define ourselves. When those morals change, the laws will change. That is a very natural and organic occurrence. Both Ron and Rand Paul have stated that America has a spiritual problem and until that is corrected, sodomy, abortion, and such, will gain acceptance. When we the people do not practice sodomy it is natural that the government, which is made up of we the people will also not countenance it, and visa versa.

Since there is no such thing as moral neutrality, is is impossible for a government to be morally neutral. In our system, the feds do not make certain types of laws for all of the states because of our practice of state's rights, but in our culture the feds are still expected to acknowledge right to life and so forth, like the Pauls have said.

So, no, Rand is not pandering. He believes certain things, and like his father, he does not change his tune depending on what group he is talking to.