Comment: LOL this is so true!!! I make fun of this fact all the time.

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LOL this is so true!!! I make fun of this fact all the time.

Of course, I'd be the guy that just says: "She's the only black lady in the room." But then I'm not one for tiptoeing. ;) ... This reminds me of a funny story I like to tell about races: one time I was backing my car out of the driveway at night, w/ no streetlights on our road and only a dim front porch light, and my friend was somewhere behind me. I couldn't see her because she's literally as black as night (she's a REAL African-American, as in she's Sierra Leonean-American). So I stop the car, put the window down, and laughingly yell out: "Where are you? I can't see you!" then she laughs and smiles with her ivory white teeth and, I sh*t you not, all I saw were the whites of her eyes and that ivory smile! I LOLed and then backed up knowing she was out of the way.

That's also a fun way to explain why I say "black" and "white" to describe those two races. Because she's the only black friend I have that's actually African-American. My other African-American friend is white (South African dual citizen). :)

With any luck in a few thousand years there won't be races any more... we'll just all be kinda brown and folks will have one less thing to be a dick about. ;)