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the whole issue is viewed as an ATTACK on cultural values

Americans, in the majority, have always been "straight", for decades & centuries, since our founding. It would NEVER have been a question for our Founders, because it would have been unheard of. But, if someone tried to bring it up, he/she would have been ousted socially-speaking.

Today, this is a struggle still between the Majority and the Minority. I personally am very upset about what is going on via our government bureaucrats in the Dpt. of Education who are wresting the "control" over the children in school from their parents influence.

Government has gone TOO FAR when the bureaucrats tell "us", we the people, what exactly our children should be learning about the homosexual issue. Government has no business doing this.

I don't care personally what people do behind closed doors. I only care when they try & shove their own agenda down the throats of my own children, or grand-children. Then, that is wrong.

The majority "should" make the rules based on our cultural values. What the Dpt. of Education is trying to do is to CHANGE our CULTURAL VALUES by indoctrinating our children. Rand Paul and I'm sure Ron Paul both are against what the Dpt. Of Ed. is doing from state to state. Ron Paul wants the 'control' to go back to the majority of the people, not the minority.

I do not recognize a "gay marriage". And, GOD doesn't either, but it doesn't mean GOD doesn't like a person who acts in a homosexual manner. But, it is crucial, if you're a believer in God, that you understand where HE stands on the issue, too. We cannot validate this behavior as a society. That's the way most people feel, even though they've been "silenced" into not saying it because it's not the "in" thing to state.