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I'm black and most of the people calling Ron Paul a racist are either:

WHITE people that what to undermine Paul’s FREEDOM message to impose both their ideology and theology on others whether you accept it or not.

BLACK people that want to undermine Paul’s FREEDOM message so Obama can get a 2nd term because he’s black and don’t want him to fail regardless of his fuck ups, lies, flip-flops, now support of gay marriage, continuous bombing of brown people in foreign countries, condoning of the police state, Muslim profiling and police harassment, TSA, NDAA, condoning of bank fraud, spending putting not only use but our children and their children’s children in debt enslavement aka modern day slavery (Oh yes ah master I love to be indebted to foreign countries, do service jobs that produce nothing and be indebted to my government/corporate plantation masters in the federal government), I’ll just stop here cause it’ll take all day to go down the list.

You my brother I love you and want to support you but DAMN you on a power trip right now. What if Russia came over here and said you’re not treating your people right or you’re a dictator because you’re not listening to your people imposing your personal ideology on them by force. Then what? You can’t say that their statements and actions aren’t justified. I’m Haitian an America and the UN are still in Haiti killing people, torturing people, stealing valuable goods left and right, raping women and young boys spreading their diseases, illegally dumping chemical waste causing the spread of cholera killing thousands of people in Haiti, confiscating citizen guns, etc. Get out of these foreign countries especially Haiti. If crime breaks out so be it they will have to learn on day that an eye for an eye will leave them both blind. No one is coming to help you. All sides will be forced to compromise or risk destruction. This is how people find peace in the real world. People don’t compromise unless they are forced to but it will only stand the test of time if both parties come to this conclusion on their own.

There are parents that want to get in between their children fighting. Always coming to save the day by choosing the winner and the loser but at the end of the day you are only prolonging the inevitable. The longer you prolong it the worst it will be when they both have finally had with each other. Sometimes you have to fight it out to gain respect so you don’t get trampled on the rest of your life.

As in Life as in War, there are moments when you have to fight!

I’ll admit I support Obama because he is black and most black people as well but he is Crip walkin all over the Constitution. This dude thinks he is a KING or an EMPEROR many of our elected officials and civil servants do as well. He is there to represent the people but just like the congress they both are forcing legislation down the throats of the American people whether they like it or not. These people have it the other way around. You don’t force and threaten the people to do what you want them to do we tell you what to do.
In a way I’m happy because black people have been victims of slavery, racism, bigotry, the police state, etc. for a long time and these welfare programs do nothing but undermine the communities they are provided to. In America it was the Indians, Blacks, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Russians, Africans, Haitians, Mexicans, Dominicans, Muslims, etc. and there was no true national outrage in defense for the constitutional FREEDOMS of any of those races except for the Blacks I think. When you allow someone else’s FREEDOMS to be attacked you ONLY weaken your own. People saw the injustice, the brutality, the profiling, heard the bigotry, etc. and said nothing to defend them and now it’s the Whites. You see NO one is safe these peoples greed hold no bounds. They want to enslave and impose their tyrannical ideology on their own people.

We may not agree on everything or accept how some may use or express their FREEDOM but it’s a beautiful thing when people of all walks of life, creed and color can come together under the same flag and AGREE on FREEDOM. A couple days ago my friends which where black chumped this white boy in front of everybody at the movie theater because he came in with a cute black chick. He was about to mobbed on but he didn’t have the street awareness to sense it. Yes he was out of place and some might say in the wrong neighborhood but its America. I’m a ex-gang member now property and business owner also have my degree and I intervened and I stuck up for him and told them to relax. A lot of people were shocked and so was he I could see it in his eyes once he realized what was about to happen to him. Things died down but he was a little shook I opened my jacket and told him it’s the “Ron Paul Revolution” :-) He couldn’t believe it and started laughing. He told me he doesn’t usually vote but he will vote for Ron Paul in the upcoming NJ primary. I also got his email to sign him up for DP newsletter.