Comment: I'm becoming more and more convinced

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I'm becoming more and more convinced

that Obama was always behind OWS (or at least his backers were, Soros et al)

And all along, they were being used as tools for agendas like NDAA, CISPA etc.

It's all really becoming clearer to me now.

I somewhat disagree with the OP on OWS.

I have said here many times (and believe I was the first) to say that The R3volution and OWS are on a natural and inevitable path of convergence.

It is completely logical.

The thing is, I am referring to the actual occupiers themselves. They know who they are fighting against but not What they are fighting for.
I've awakened a few myself.

Their puppet masters sitting in the epic cigar rooms, plotting and thickening. I suspect the smoke filled room has obscured their vision. They never even saw the R3volution Train pass them by...

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul