Comment: Willard "Mitt" Romney still needs to verify with Evidence.

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Willard "Mitt" Romney still needs to verify with Evidence.

Yes, "uncle mitt" needs to be "transparent" in showing paperwork and evidence to verify who he is and to prove he is a Natural Born Citizen. Some will argue that his grandfather "lost/gave up" his US citizenship when he fled to Mexico because the Federal Government wanted to tell him how to live his life. That would imply "grandpa" was a US Citizen (I'm not sure where he was born, though). Even though "grandpa" fled - he was still a US Citizen - and Mexico allows "dual citizenship" UNTIL an adult "Declares" their Citizenship through some type of action. Mitt's daddy - George Romney - WAS born in Mexico which gave George Dual Citizenship (this is why George Romney dropped out for the POTUS race in 1968). George Romney was NOT a Natural Born Citizen. Even though George was born with Dual Citizenship because of birth on Mexico soil to US Citizen parents (by Mexico Law), George "probably" relinquished his Mexican Citizenship when he legally obtained a Passport at age 19 to serve a 2- year Church Mission in Europe (of course, he was not married yet). Mexico Law did not and does not allow a citizen to hold a passport of another country. If Mitt can show evidence/proof that his father George had a US Passport at age 19, this would give George US citizenship only - since this was an official action of "declaration" and by having a US passort, George Officially became a US Citizen. George Romney married a "utah gal" - and she would have been granted US citizenship through marriage and/or Utah's statehood. "Baby Mitt" was therefore born on US Soil (Detroit, Michigan) to two US Citizens - IF he can prove his father George held a US Passport. This proof would also explain why George Romney was Governor of Michigan, yet dropped out in 1968 - since George was HONEST And he quietly knew he was NOT a true Natural Born Citizen. "Passport Paperwork please".

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