Comment: I had it with Rand

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I had it with Rand

I was never really fully sold on Rand and was willing to give him a benefit of the doubt, but he's definitely not getting a pass from me any more just coz of his father. Rand seems to have gotten a taste of being in the spotlight and hanging out with his neocon buddies and saying things that are gonna make him their favorite. He's no liberty candidate (this crap he said, iran stance, other various things he's done, etc). He's no different than most of the establishment republican base and he won't get my vote if he runs - as a matter of fact I'm even worried that promoting him could be a great way to sway Ron Paul base back into politics-as-usual republican wing. Now, I m not some single-issue gay activist or anything like that, but compare his mindless answer to a well thought out, yet simple logical answer that his father gave on Cavuto show.