Comment: Misleading use of what Ron Paul said

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Misleading use of what Ron Paul said

Ron Paul stated in his speech at UC San Diego to "Have Individuals Held Personally Responsible" for those who Lie in the Media or Cheat the Rules or Break the Laws.

Maybe the rest of your post has merit, but you lost me on this first misleading statement.

Ron Paul was talking about his idea to change the laws so that law enforcement personnel could be held personally responsible in civil cases for any harm they cause others. It had nothing to do with rule-breaking at political party conventions. He said it when talking about the recent case in San Diego where federal law enforcement left someone not charged with anything in a holding cell for days without food or water (they forgot he was there). He had to be hospitalized and almost died. Paul noted that the victim could sue, but taxpayers would ultimately pay because we are the employer. He suggested that that be changed so that the officers responsible have to pay.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."