Comment: That's the nail in the coffin

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That's the nail in the coffin

That's the nail in the coffin for me on Rand. I always thought he was a neo-con based on his energy policy, Iran, etc. but now to start discriminating against one group of people and having government impose rules against one group based on another's belief is the end of it. Rand is a neo-con. Christians have no right to whine and impose their views on others, they don't have to marry gays in their church, so quit using government force to prevent them from marrying in their own church. Christians need to mind their own business and allow others to have the religious freedom they themselves enjoy. Imagine the government telling me I couldn't be baptized because one of my parents wasn't a Christian, or if it banned other religious ceremonies for certain groups but not others. Rand is on my $@^&list now.