Comment: So, what's the problem?

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So, what's the problem?

You "gay marriage" proponents have your guy to vote for.
His name is Obama. It's his main running point.

Go on, now.

The fact is that every one of you "gay marriage boys" is a socialist, arguing for a socialist program. Because every single gay in America could get married TODAY, in ANY STATE, and all they have to do is find somebody to perform the ceremony, or by common-law co-habitation in some states, and VOILA'! They are hitched.
So, that's not the argument. And in reality, that has NEVER been the argument. It's a red-herring, designed by the red political left.

The argument is that they want gov't benefits, and socialist perks, from the gov't recognition of the marriage. They want to slop at the gov't trough.
Look, face the fact that NONE of you are libertarians, and you're all socialists, along with being social liberals.
What you are calling "freedom" is the "freedom" to put your hand into everybody else's pockets, to get your desired results. You ain't foolin' anybody.

You belong on the left, or you need to change your tune.
Obama, here they come.