Comment: Here's my reply to a friend who asked me about this:

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Here's my reply to a friend who asked me about this:

I hadn't even heard of the flap surrounding Rand Paul's commentary war with Obama, and dismissed it as a non issue. Now it has taken off and it's all over the internet, of course. So now I've listened to the video, and caught the remarks, and here's my take on it: Leave it to the U.S. media and citizenry to take an issue like this and LITERALLY make a Federal Case out of it while there is a battle for the GOP presidential primary going on. Who cares what these people's personal views on marriage are, anyway? Rand Paul obviously has a long way to go before he becomes his father yet, but he and Obama both are officers of the Federal Government. What on earth are they doing discussing the issue of marriage? Marriage is not a Federal issue and, no matter what bible version you adhere to, it is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution as being a function of the Federal Government. It's something that's thrown out there for the media to chew on and to be used to divide the populace in to opposing factions, like so many issues are meant to do. If the government just stayed away from the marriage issue, as it is supposed to do, then we would certainly not be having this discussion. Obama now miraculously, in an election year, decides that he supports gay marriage. So what? Rand Paul, pandering to a bunch of Christians (something his dad would never do), opposes gay marriage. So what? It's a testimonial to the pathetic level of political discourse in this country that divisive and unconstitutional nonissues such as this continue to be in the forefront of our discussions instead of focusing on things such as why the government is bankrupting our country and why they have declared war on our own citizenry.