Comment: thanks for all the upvotes!

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thanks for all the upvotes!

The word "fundraiser" is what drove me to the keyboard...I mean...the unemployed don't have money to part with anyway; would these media clowns have us believe that a poor widow is gonna drop in her life savings(the last of her grocery monies) of two copper coins into their collection plate in this public venue, and then Obama would stop the wars?

Anyway, and also, the local Chicago media(print/radio/television) have also been most diligent to "inform" working people ad nauseum that this city will look like a military zone that they have never seen before!!!

I mean, I am telling all of this a week ahead of the Summit. What we have witnessed on television the world over for decades(riot police, barricades, then protestors shouting at them - not the PTB) is coming here to America.

Conditioning 101 folks...all I can say is the Pittsburgh thing of a few years ago really annoyed me because that's not us...