Comment: This article is a perfect example of what is corruption

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This article is a perfect example of what is corruption

A Party divided is a party that will fall.

I asked the person who claimed at my last Republican Central Committe meeting, that they were going to be the delegate for Romney, "Why don't I see any Romney yard signs or bumper stickers?" They say, the campaign hasn't sent them any. They don't appear very happy with their campaign. Bet they vote for Ron Paul. My camapaign signs compete with home made Ron Paul signs (I have no idea who put them up).

The same meeting, a guest showed up. They wouldn't say who they liked Romney or Paul.. leaning for Romney. I wouldn't shut up about Ron Paul. So finally, they pull out two Ron Paul campaign buttons (Apparently people were vending in the parking lots of the UCs Ron's been visiting, as this person claims they were at the meeting in Davis and it was awesome.) Now there's two, and I'll find more.

Wee the people want Ron Paul. If the establishment insists Romney by playing musical rules, (which ever rule fits the establishment and not the people, the establishment is going to find out we don't need them). Truth is pouring like rain, and those who seek truth and peace are "morphing" to Ron Paul.

For all the faults of the Ron Paul campaign, we are winning and we know it. Get Romney out of the way and let us go after Obama (which is what you really don't want, eh?).