Comment: The gay marriage debate is so messed up

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The gay marriage debate is so messed up

The reason being is that one side is speaking a different language then the other. The social conservatives against it are arguing from a biblical point of view, while the gays are arguing from an economic point of view. It is a true political distraction and tool. The problem with gays not being able to marry is to much government interference in our personal property to begin with. Gays have to spend thousands of dollars creating trusts and wills for their belongings to go their loved ones in the case of death, etc. They pay higher taxes on income, can't take deductions..and so on. If the government wasn't involved in all of this from the get...then RP's argument of "keeping the gov't out of it" would be fine. However, as the way society is at the moment wiht the govt essentially owning us, there has to be some set of rules...which is bs.