Comment: You poor brainwashed

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You poor brainwashed

thing. You have been brainwashed all your life to believe how you do. The media onslaught to try and normalize that activity has worked well especially on the younger generation to create a society of homosexuals like you. That is the only reason it is growing more "acceptable". Brainwashing doesn't work unless the ignorant people don't understand how they are brainwashed. Hopefully one day you will recognize how you have been conditioned and will reject the subversion that is taking place. Until then why don't you follow your own advice. :)

And to answer your questions so maybe you will follow your own advice. 1. No, I had a happy childhood. 2. No, and that is the stupidest comeback for a losers argument. 3. That is not a question but a backhanded comment disguised as a question. 4. Black people and women have nothing to do with this subject but for your feeble attempt to muddy the conversation. You fail on so many levels because your brainwashing shines through.