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Comment: So much disinfo, you'd think it's a "Divide & Conquer" Op

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So much disinfo, you'd think it's a "Divide & Conquer" Op

Of course he means the Federal Reserve. Yeah, he wants small Government (same thing Republicans USED to want), and to reign in government spending ... but not to END the Federal Government, silly.

And to Republicae:
No one can show you who owns the PRIVATELY held stock of the Federal Reserve .. Or any of the Central Banks. Why? Because it was written in the Federal Reserve Act that the Fed Board is "empowered to adopt and promulgate the rules and regulations governing the transfer of said stock."

Did you even think there's a reason you cannot find their actual names written down somewhere?
You may have read Griffin, but have you read the Act?
Look it up:

We can surmise "who owns the Fed" from the document that started it all.
Granted, the Act states any outstanding stock is to revert to the US Treasury. But, there is no outstanding stock. All of the stock is owned by member banks.
So ... who owns the banks?

Who gets the statutory 6% of the Capital "paid-in" after expenses are met?
The Member Banks.
I'll ask again: Who owns those banks?
According to the Act, only those banks with enough assets ($4,000,000.00) would be considered eligible to be chartered as a member bank when the Fed was created.
So, tell me that year, 1913, four million dollars in assets ....
Who do you think were the only banks in a position to become "Member Banks"?
Gee, maybe the same "cartel" who pushed Wilson to sign the Act during Christmas break?
The very same Big Banks (and Bankers) who tried (twice) and failed with the first Central Banks?
Ya think?

The Act gives them broad and complete control of ALL information regarding shareholders, who the Fed lends money to, who they swap money with, who gets the annual 6% dividend ... And they don't have to tell Congress (or us) a thing.
So, who "owns" the Fed?

Yeah... All those names you cannot find proof of being the sole stockholders ...
That's who owns the Fed.

"Trust, but verify"
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
- Ronald Reagan