Comment: You need a sense of perspective

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You need a sense of perspective

I'm sorry but I must have missed the part where he called for federal legislation banning gay marriage. Oh that's right, he didn't. The fact that you accuse him of selling out on his libertarian values proves to me you don't understand libertarianism.

Where in libertarian theory does it say a person has to be openly tolerant and accepting of other people's lifestyles? As long as they're not using force (government) to coerce their neighbor, there is no betrayal of principle. This is libertarianism 101.

You know, I get a kick out of people who are always complaining about Rand. He is, by a wide margin, the most anti-war/ pro-liberty member of the Senate. I think you're problem with Rand is that he's a christian from Kentucky with a little hay on his suit, and not how good/bad of a libertarian he is.

If I come off as a little frustrated in this post, know that it's not entirely directed at you. I'm just sick of people making up boogey man stories about one of the few people in government taking a stand for liberty. It would be like complaining that your filet mignon was slightly under cooked when your alternative is taco meat. It's nonsense, and it needs to stop.

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