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In MA it is a state law

I don't know what the law is in Georgia.

It amazes me that the entire basis of the Ron Paul strategy at this point is to have people sign contracts with no intention of keeping them, and that somehow you think this is going to help your movement grow. The backlash is going to be massive and the GOP is going to close a lot of the loopholes that you're trying to take advantage of. Once delegates can't be trusted to keep their promises, states will just start to directly elect them or to have winning candidates pick them, and you're never going to be able to try this strategy again. Next time you'll have to get voters to come out and vote for your candidate. If I were a delegate and was bound to vote for Ron Paul, I'd vote for Ron Paul, because that would have been the commitment I made to my state, to my party, and to the voters I was representing.