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Please Give Some Facts - Not Just Statements

I posted a video showing clear propaganda - fake funerals, fake gun shot wounds, fake fighting, etc. It was all clearly staged and reported as fact on the main stream media. I will now go and put together the stats on the long and continuous history of aggression towards Jews and/or Israelis from 1920 on.

There is a basic pattern to this history - Arab Nationalist or Islamic Fundamentalist opponents of a Jewish State use violence to try and prevent, destroy or harm that state. Israel responds and in the response the Arabs and/or Palestinians suffer in some way or other (Palestinian refugees, loss of the Sinai Desert, civilian casualties, etc.).

Then those same Arab Nationalists and/or Islamic Fundamentalist complain about the "cruelty" of Israel for inflicting those losses. Seemingly, the only 'humane' action Israel can take is letting herself get destroyed. Defending herself is 'illegitimate' and intellectually defending her is branded as 'Israeli propaganda' or 'the work of the Mossad' or 'a neo-con'.