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First of all, we are not

First of all, we are not Romney supporters so we have the habit of not repeating what others tell us to say, we only say what we find to be true after a lot of research. My advice to you is to get your facts straight next time before arguing with any RP supporter.

Arguing Super-PACS have nothing to do with the candidates, we are talking about Dr. Paul and Romney, so let's get down to who is serving whom.

What is documented here are (using "serve" which is a term you used):

US Army (Serves Dr. Paul)
US Air Force (Serves Dr. Paul)
US Navy (Serves Dr. Paul)
US Dept of Defense (Serves Dr. Paul)
US Government (Serves Dr. Paul)
US Marine Corps (Serves Dr. Paul)

And now it's my turn to show who serves Romney here are:

Goldman Sachs
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Bank of America
Morgan Stanley
Credit Suisse Group
Citigroup Inc

Well, wait a minute, those are all banks so they serve nobody, that is odd, right? No, they want a servant and Romney appears to have agreed to serve them, they serve nobody but they found a servant that will bail them out someday when they choose to rob the world again.

You see, the difference is Dr. Paul is served by the most honorable men out there, but Romney is just a servant for the biggest thieves on the face of the earth.