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You never responded

There are many things that are a scourge on society. And yet some of them are legal. Some are illegal.

The point of liberty is that you are free to do things that even others find unattractive or wrong.

I'm not disagreeing with your right to think it is wrong. But do you think you should be able to stop it? Are you saying that gay marriage should be illegal? And if it is the term 'gay marriage' you don't like then how about 'civil unions' with full and equal rights to those of traditional marriages.

If you are saying it should be allowed even though you find it disgusting, you should also start threads on other things like drug abuse, teen pregnancy, being rude to your wife, overcooked meat, etc... things that are disagreeable but maybe shouldn't be illegal. Why harp on this unless you have an opinion on what its legal status should be.

You are absolutely ignorant if you think people WANT to be this way. Who the hell would want to be dragged through the coals like that. I'm happily married and straight, but I just happened to develop into a straight man. Not saying people are 'born gay' but people certainly develop into sexual preferences.

At the clinic I do HIV testing at there are a lot of gay older men. Let me tell you that nearly every single one of them would happily have grown up straight instead.

And you speak of being brainwashed? Please. On what authority do you take homosexuality to be a sin? The Bible? Please. That book, while full of great insight and wonderful advice, is riddled with crazy lines AND lines that people conveniently never follow. But I could be misjudging you. So please tell me on what authority you have it that being gay is bad. I can't wait to hear your "very very unbrainwashed not at all brainwashed especially when compared to how brainwashed I am" explanation.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

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