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Comment: Presidential Preference Form

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Presidential Preference Form

The Presidential Preference Form submission is only for those delegates who are running to become National Delegates (3 from each CD, 14 At-large). The form does NOT have to be submitted for entrance to the State Convention! If you were selected as a State Convention Delegate or Alternate at the County conventions on May 3, there should be a credential waiting for you at the State Convention. If the lists get "rearranged" by the State Credentials Committee, then that would be cause to file a legal challenge. There are plenty of Paul supporters in Michigan who are trained to handle Roberts Rules or Convention Rules violations, and there will be enough cellphones and recording devices to document the violations, including voting irregularities. My surprise is the MIGOP discouraging many of the Romney supporters away from the convention (many are elderly, and are already frightened to go into Detroit) through the threat of TSA-like search tactics and warnings of impending disruptions. Elderly people do not like this type of behavior. Hopefully, the MIGOP has warned their crack "security" contractor to tread lightly, else they will shoot themselves in the foot once again. Knowing that the Paul Campaign will have legal representation on-site is a positive. Looking forward to the livestream of this one as well.