Comment: Older People A Pivitol Key for Ron Paul Winning!

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Older People A Pivitol Key for Ron Paul Winning!

The GOP tactic is very clear. They (those in control) are doing whatever they can to provoke trouble. What a nasty crowd! This may even include "agents provocateurs" being placed in amongst Ron Paul supporters to "cause" trouble. It will certainly mean dodgy goings on that will cause Ron Paul supporters to howl in protest (and quite rightly!!) which they will ignore whilst saying, "There you are - we told you so. They are a rabble of unruly trouble-makers". Older people in particular fall for this divisive trick - after all "Ron Paul people are basically a load of unruly anarchistic youths" or so the propaganda mythology goes.

Some Ron Paul people fall for this divisive line too. DON'T! Being 60 years old myself I feel uncomfortable when Ron Paul supporters disparagingly lump all the older people together ("boomers") - as if we are all the same and all to blame. I have news for you - very, very many of us have long wanted a Ron Paul. They just need you to reach out to them - stop lumping them in with those corrupt older people who have come to control the levers of political power. We all need Ron Paul - young and old. Give us older ones a bit of trust! We could well become the pivitol key to Ron Paul winning.