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And again not so much.

I am not a paid troll geeeez. I have a good job a nice truck and I don't live under a bridge :P. I simply feel that he was selling out to people that represent the opposition that, we, you, I and everyone here have pushed against for some time. And who exactly are the neocons? Because it was my understanding that the special interest group he was speaking with falls right into that category. I think it is fine for him to have whatever opinion he wants on marriage but by speaking with these people he is selling out the people who back him most. His comments have let me down yes but I don't think it warrants people from totally shutting down to his message. He's cut from the same block of wood that I would do anything for and I think he will still hold his ground. But as I said before if time continues to pass and he keeps wooing that crowd supporting him will be difficult.