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I dont

I don't know about you guys but the GOP has been breaking some major rules and the "romney victory" illegal bonding the RNC is engaged in with romney is an outrage, its a crime by finance law and against the rules that are the backbone of what is or was the republican party.
Its not acceptable by any measure.

Do we know the principals of war? Devide and Conquer.
This is war I guess. People are tired of this crap.
Ron Paul has critical mass.
I understand that bringing the republican party back to its roots was the goal.
But the party establishment has ensured that will not be the case this go round.
My point is they cannot devide us. We should become the party for the Republic and swallow this bogus two party system they feed. We are big enough. I don't think we can lose.
Ron Paul cannot ever lose my support no matter what.
But I can say its getting quite difficult to be part of the GOP when I dont support any of their actions.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!