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The campaign needs to get on this

Its not a case of "the ballots got shifted", they told us that someone who filled out the paperwork was left off the ballots we marked that was on the computer tallies. They checked the computer and he was a legitimate candidate that should have been there. The remedy was to put him as a write-in on the second ballot. (By the way, we had to nominate from the floor without knowing who was already on the ballot. A couple nominations were made and they told us that person was there already. They suggested contesting the ballot if we noticed something after we got it.

If the same thing happened in your district, I suspect it was not as accidental as it appears. Every ballot we used that day had Romney's preferred slate first. That way any shifting would never affect his candidates.

If we ever get the voting results, we can compare them with pictures of the ballots we took to look for evidence of "shifting" on the at large delegates as well.