Comment: the truth of these actions and events

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the truth of these actions and events

Is spreading despite media spin. When people see real video, then see how the media has chosen to lie, see's how in reality it is the Romney campaign pulling hijackings and breaking rules left and right, people realize and don't want anything to do with romney.

Hopefully many of those delegates assigned to romney heading into Tampa are not braindead media minions, but are willing to look at real evidence and make their decision.

Al these actions the romney campaign does, will tighten the noose around them. As I have stated before, let them hang themselves, no need to even go after them. They and the media will hang themselves in lies and fruad. Just leave it be, but do keep showing others in a most polite way the truth to many things.

God Bless, and may he grant wisdon to those blindly supporting romney from what they heard on a controlled sytem of media.