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Yup. All too true.

that said, believe many of us are simply looking for excuses to vent at Benton, whom so many of us feel has been hampering, in one way or another.

I too thought this was gonna be one of them, until I read through it.

Though, not sure if it was a written contract that stated that the entire RNC 'victory operation' funding mechanism would be available when WE WIN, as Reince Priebus stated,

The RNC offered to set up a joint fundraising committee with the Paul campaign and were very clear that if Dr. Paul became the nominee, the Victory Operation would be behind him 100 percent.

for now, well... suppose along with many things that the official campaign does, since no one here was a fly on the wall in that meeting, as well as many other meetings within the inner core advisory circle of the RP2012 campaign, a lot of this is on faith, despite all the legitimate qualms some of us may have with Benton.

The overriding factor that gets us through all this, well at least myself? My immutable trust and faith in Dr. Paul, his intent, and not in cult-of-personality, Destiny, if I may portend.

I trust Dr. Paul, and while not blindly faithful, he's earned so much of my trust, I figure at this stage in the campaign, it's better to ride the surf and see where all of it goes, than to intentionally or unintentionally create unnecessary internal strife and division, though admittedly looking back at some of my own past comments, I may have contributed indirectly to it somewhat.

Still, Angel's nuanced deconstruction of RNC Rule 11 violation has a point: the RP2012 campaign's agreement with the Reince does not mean RNC can 'endorse' Wrongney, though it is obvious that Reince has been rather careful in wording to not outright endorse Muttens.

After reading about rampant violations in parliamentary procedures, not to mention the several alleged physical violence perpetrated against a few R3VOL by Flip ObamneyBots, along with the ruckus the RINOs instigated in AZ & OK, sometimes you do wonder... These RINOs haven't got a clue just how dire the state of the Republic is, only if they knew, intellectually, there is no way in hell they'd be against us; frankly let's face it, those who do oppose the Doc and us do so purely out of emotively childish reasons.

One things abundantly clear though; their smear phase 4.0 is R3VOL 'stole, hijacked, plotted, schemed, ploy, antics, ruckus, etc.' as to de-legitimize all our delegate efforts. Unsurprisingly the moron pressitute whore media are running with the ROMbot narrative that somehow WE're causing the ruckus.

The only silver lining is the coming upset of the century, at Tampa.

No better way to shut up the enemies of human liberty than beating them at their own game, with all our principles intact.

So on to Tampa we go.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul