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A similar situation like this occurred in 1976....

Though not exactly the SAME situation. This was with respect to Electoral College votes. One of the Electoral College delegates from the State of Washington cast his vote for Ronald Reagan instead of for Gerald Ford (to whom he was committed to vote).

As a result of this, the State of Washington passed a law making it a FELONY for any Electoral college elector to vote contrary to the candidate to whom he is bound to vote.

That being said, this so far as I know, only applies to Electoral College electors, and not to RNC delegates. And only those in Washington. I doubt if any states has CRIMINAL statutes against voting contrary to our "bound status" at the RNC.

However, if we wish to live in a world where people will trust us, those of us who are bound should keep our pledges. To do otherwise would discredit Ron Paul and the R3volution.

We can still gain a lot of mileage by swaying the multitude of unbound delegates.