Comment: I also forgot to make this clear…

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I also forgot to make this clear…

Abolishing the Fed and liquidating its assets does not mean liquidating the $17 trillion debt along with the $450 billion annual interest payments the American people will still be on the hook for. The US Treasury will simply continue to handle the servicing of this debt (as Wayne Paul said, managing the bankruptcy) and notes will continue being printed out of “thin air” to service this debt with the $450 billion annual interest payments… provided the interest rate stays where it is right now… near zero.

Where does it say ending the Fed will end the $17 trillion debt…. which is equivalent to 322,000 tons of gold… or over 10 times the world gold holdings at 30,807 tons? So just through the US debt alone (not including the other nations who are in debt to them) the international bankers already own 10 times more than the world gold holdings. Just the annual $450 billion in interest payments are equivalent to 8522.72 tonnes of gold (at $1650 per ounce). Estimated current gold reserves of the US are at 8,133.5 tonnes… that’s a short fall of 389.22 tons on one years interest obligation alone. (Libya had an estimated 140 tons of gold before it got looted by NATO).

Therefore since there is no way to pay this debt in gold... notes will have to continue to be printed and those notes will still be debt-based private money. Of course the international bankers could make a deal with all nations saying their debts could be reduced if they all became part of a basket of world currencies back by the same amount of gold… a prelude to a global gold-backed currency. The master/slave relationship America has with the private bankers will not end with the abolishment of the Fed.

World government is coming… it’s been granted to be so it will be and there’s nothing anyone can do about it so relax and enjoy the ride. The sooner it gets here the sooner it will end.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix