Comment: Okay, guys, let's think about this for a minute

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Okay, guys, let's think about this for a minute

1. Ron Paul is 76 years old and probably could find better things to do with his time if he was so inclined.
2. Ron Paul is a certified genius.
3. He went to medical school and became a doctor.
4. On his own he became one of the foremost foreign policy experts in the country.
5. On his own he studied and became one of the foremost experts on monetary policy in the country.
6. He's written HUNDREDS of essays and published SEVEN books.
7. He is a one of the foremost Constitutional experts in the country.
8. To top all that off, he's campaigned for the presidency 3 times and has run 12 successful Congressional campaigns.
9. While he's campaigning for the presidency, he takes time off to head back to Washington because he doesn't want to short his job in Congress.
SOOOO....Have a little faith, folks. If you think YOU know what's going on, then just imagine what Ron Paul knows. Nahh, skip that, because you can't even imagine.
He gets up at the crack of dawn every day so he can go out and exercise and begin the daily grind of FIGHTING FOR US! So while we may not possess the knowledge that he possesses, let's just keep fighting and doing the best we can to see it through. I've maxed out and my wife just donated another $250 to the campaign today. I know it ain't much compared to what some of you incredible folks have done, it's true, but it's all I can do that this time. When it comes my time to be a delegate I'll go, and I'll still wonder if it'll be enough. BUT PLEASE....NEVER QUESTION RON PAUL'S RESOLVE. He's been fighting for us for 30 years. Hang in there. The checkered flag is in sight.