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Bad frame of reference

It's never good to compare yourself to those way worse than you, otherwise you stay where you are - it's always better to compare yourself to those better than you and strive for that. In that context, I don't compare politicians as "How much better they are than crap that we get served from the establishment". It really is not that hard to be better than that. Instead I compare to "How close the politician is to the ideals of true classical liberalism and how strong his convictions really are". Ron Paul is right there - there's nothing that will make this man give up his principles. Rand Paul - way, way, behind, and don't think he'll ever get anywhere near where his father is. I think he's just another Jim DeMint. Says things like that he personally believes this or that, but ultimately doesn't have guts to really do anything about it, but instead plays it safe and sides with the current political climate.