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Good post!

As a Latter Day Saint I oppose having the definition of marriage changed to include homosexual relationships. I have even passed petitions in Nevada to have a referendum on an amendment to that state's constitution to define marriage as being ONLY between a one man and one woman. (The amendment passed by the way.)

However, there is no question that the United States federal governent has NO business regulating marriage. And you are also correct that this should compell them to also stop giving special favors to people based on their marital status.

I do not think that the states should be in the marriage business either, but I do ont believe that the 14 th amendment requires that.

Personally, I hope that someday there will be states that would allow a variety of different legal unions, and that people could vote with their feet if they did not like their sTate's laws.

But I would like to see that about MANY issues, not just marriage.

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