Comment: Ellen Brown does not disappoint (those who are familiar with her

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Ellen Brown does not disappoint (those who are familiar with her

From the linked article:

"Congress is empowered by the Constitution to “coin money” and “regulate the value thereof,” and no limit is set on the face amount of the coins it creates. It could issue a few one-billion dollar coins, deposit them in an account, and start writing checks."

Greenquackery at its finest.

You can see what Ron Paul's former speechwriter, Gary North had to say about Ellen Brown's "Web of Debt" here:

As for the horror story in the article, it wouldn't have happened without the loving intervention of your federal government.

1) the Ponzi scheme of Social Security, which gives you no legal rights to benefits regardless of your "contributions"
2) the federally subsidized student loan system, which has created a bubble in education expenses by providing below market loans to students
3) the change in federal bankruptcy laws that make it all but impossible to discharge student loans via bankruptcy.

If the woman in the article had not been forced to make SS contributions, she might haved saved that money, which could have been used later for retirement or funding her further education. Since the government confiscated that money, it was no longer in her control, and could not be relied upon to be available when she needed it. If she used her savings to finance her education, there would be no need to carry the debt load of a loan.

SS if famous for changing the rules of the game. Since I've been working, they have increased the "contribution" rate, upped the income limits, and pushed the age for full retirement benefits farther away. I hope my kids don't get stuck playing this rigged game.