Comment: My undestanding of Rule 38

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My undestanding of Rule 38

is that the binding of ENTIRE delegations is not permitted by the National organization. To get around this the individual states apply to the RNC it's rules when they apply for inclusion in the primary or caucus system. Look at Phillippe's letter to the Nevada State GOP for reference to this. When the individual states wish to get around the Unit Rule they merely have their Super Delegates , whom they know are party loyalist, included in the unit and they are free to vote for anyone they wish,nod, nod, wink, wink. They are claiming however that all other delegates are bound under the rules submitted to the RNC. The inclusion of the Super Delegate's is going to be their reason to ignore Rule 38 of the National's rules. It's all about the way the rules were submitted by the state to the national.

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