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We are the campaign..

If you believe in the Ron Paul message then you should know that we have to work for our beliefs. And I would have to say that we are doing an outstanding job. To ask the campaign to take care of us is the same as asking the gov't for a handout. I believe he is proud of what we are doing, thats why the campaign always says they dont promote 'hostile' actions..because they know as well as we do that we haven't done anything hostile. ANd this keeps the media and GOP from gaining ammo to use against him since he is already underfire. We (RP supporters) are doing what we have to, to save our country. The same thing happened during the first revolution..only a small percentage of the colonist took the necessary action needed to get the ball rolling, but once its going the people will come. We know most americans are followers, atm they dont know who to follow, just keep educating and showing them what it takes to be a true free American, lets work together, do what we can personally and lets get this man in office. The more he has to do the more money he'll need to keep afloat (like the governemnt). We can, we will do this RON PAUL!!