Comment: EXTREMELY disheartened by today's announcement

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EXTREMELY disheartened by today's announcement

Not by the new change in strategy, because it's brilliant quite frankly!

Let me explain. I question the wording of his announcement and timing.

First the wording. How could he not have known that the Media was not going to spin this exactly as they have? He had to have known they were going to do this! So why then, did he not adamantly state "I am NOT suspending my campaign for the Republican nomination" he could have said just that and totally avoided this entire media frenzy on every Major Network! It was bad enough that we barely existed before, but now people will surely think that he's gone. It doesn't really matter though I guess... Delegates will still be elected at the State conventions and that's what really matters. I'm just pissed as hell that he didn't stand up to the MSM with a little more backbone! Like WTF was that????

He did provide motivation and direction to us though...

Regardless, I will still fight for the Liberty of this great nation that u have taken an oath to defend. It's just a little disheartening that he didn't choose his words more wisely. It's almost like he may have done it on purpose... But regardless the RNC will attempt to stop us at every remaining Caucus State remaining as they did just this past weekend. I've personally made a lot of sacrifices for my family to donate financially, and it pisses me off that he's not "sticking it to the man" there are many things that he could have said, but I guess he truly is a class-act.

If I were in his shoes I would call the establishment on every single thing that has been suspicious from the onset, and I'd want the people that were on my side to know that I would fight until the last of air escaped my lungs. I guess that truely is the difference between a Soldier and Politicians though!

Like I said, I will still do everything onmy power to continue what he has started.

I also realize that this isn't over; but for all intents and purposes it kind of is. Yes we could* still pull this off but I think that we all know that the establishment wasn't going to allow it to happen one way or another! Just like they'll fug us in every remaining Caucus State anyways! I'm pissed and I'm venting. I'm sure most of you feel the same way that I do!

Best of luck to all of us in the future... Don't forget, he started this thing, but damn it if we don't finish it ourselves!!